Eat Like A Japanese: Best Japanese Food at Sushi des Artistes

During your visit to Japan, you may wonder which food to eat. Japan is a small country, but every state has its uniqueness and specialty when it comes to food.

Japan has a lot of restaurants that provide very delicious meals to its customers. The restaurants offer different vegetables, seafood, and meat to their customers.

The restaurants in this country provide a specific type of food. This makes it easier for one visiting the country to choose on the kind of restaurant to have a meal.

Enjoying these country’s dishes is a reason for visiting it. Here are but a few recipes you can enjoy while on a trip to Japan.


Tokyo is the capital city of Japan is known all over the world to have the best sushi restaurants. Sushi is a type of food that is made from rice and seafood.

The fish and rice are preserved traditionally by use of salt, and it stays fresh for an extended period. The food is made by taking raw fish, and seafood packed together with rice and vegetables and made into beautiful pieces.

If planning to have a trip to Japan visit sushi shops in Tokyo and you will enjoy fresh sushi dish.


It is a fast food found all over Japan. The kind of food was originated from China but became popular in Japan.

It is usually made of chicken broth and noodles, but other types of meat are typically added to create different flavors. Seafood, pork, beef, hard-boiled egg, vegetables can be added to the soup.

The food is quite affordable, and that makes it accessible as it is suitable for lunch. The food is very delicious and nutritious. You cannot afford to leave the country when you visit it without tasting this food.


It is a type of food that is also popular in Japan. It is made from noodles that are made of wheat flour. It is best recommended as it can be eaten whether cold or hot, either with sauce or alone.

The sauce can either be soup, vegetables, meat or even eggs. It is very delicious. Why not try it out during your visit to Japan.


It is a type of food where seafood and vegetables are dipped in a light paste made from wheat flour and then deep fried.

The dish is usually eaten in accompaniment of rice. Japanese were introduced to this type of dish by missionaries from Portuguese. It is of a late trendy and delicious meal served at tempura restaurants.


It is a famous food that evolved in Japan. It is made from beef and pork meat that is cooked in the pot with various vegetables. The vegetables may include cabbage or Chinese leek.

More ingredients can be added to make the soup thick. It is widespread and found in most Motsunabe restaurants in Tokyo.


It is more like of a pancake, but it contains batter and cabbage. Different toppings are added to create different flavors.

It is found in okonomiyaki restaurants all over Japan. It is a delicious meal.

If planning to visit Japan, these are a few types of dishes that you may try.

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